Send a last chance offer via SMS to leads who abandon your sales page

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In this recipe, you’ll see how to use Infusionsoft, PlusThis and ConvertFlow to send a SMS follow up with a last chance offer to contacts who abandon your sales page.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. How to tag contacts in Infusionsoft who visit your sales page
  2. How to send a last chance offer via SMS to contacts who visited your sales page and didn’t buy

Let’s dive in….


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When they do visit our sales page, we can add an automation to run that will tag them with the “visited sales page” tag in Infusionsoft.

When contacts get this tag applied, it will trigger a new campaign to start.

First, we’re going to create a time-delay sequence that will have a delay of 5 minutes.

This will allow our buyers enough time to fill out our order form and become customers.

Zooming out to our campaign, we’re going to create and connect this time-delay sequence to a non-buyer sequence and to a buyer sequence.

This will create a decision diamond in Infusionsoft.

Let’s set some rules for how contacts will progress to the next sequences.

So, all contacts that don’t have the “bought webinar offer” tag after having visited our sales page over 5 minutes ago, will move into the non-buyer sequence.

Within the non-buyer sequence we’re going to set up our SMS last chance offer.

Let’s head over to PlusThis to use their SMS trigger.

Let’s head to back Infusionsoft, so we can add this to our sequence.

We’re now going to add a “Send to HTTP Post” action in our “non-buyer” sequence.

Now that’s all set up, you’re all set! You’ve got a last chance offer that is set up to be sent out to contacts who have the “watched webinar” tag and visited your sales page, and who didn’t buy.

If you’d like, you can go ahead and finish setting up any actions that would run for buyers, then publish this campaign to start using this in your business.

1. How to tag contacts in Infusionsoft who visit your sales page

ConvertFlow automatically tracks your visitors and Infusionsoft contacts on your website.

By creating a visit goal in a flow, we can set a targeting condition so that this visit goal is only achieved when a contact with a specific tag visits our sales page.

In this example, this goal will only be achieved when contacts who have the “watched webinar” tag visit our sales page.

As you can see, we’re personalizing our SMS message with the contact’s first name and we’re making it relevant to the action they just took by visiting our sales page.

We’ll also give them a special discount code they can use in our order form to receive a 50% discount off of their first month of subscription.

PlusThis will now give us a special URL we can use in our Infusionsoft campaign.

2. How to send a last chance offer via SMS to contacts who visited your sales page and didn’t buy

Now that contacts start our Infusionsoft campaign when they get the “visited sales page” tag applied to their contact record, we set up a process for sending them a special offer via SMS, if they don’t buy.

This will allow us to post the URL PlusThis gave us to trigger the SMS message.