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1. Create calls-to-action that proactively generate webinar registrations on your landing pages, content, and across your site using ConvertFlow

The first step to generating webinar registrations is creating calls-to-action that engage visitors and collect contact information. 

To create a call-to-action within ConvertFlow, all you need to do is click on the green “Create” button and select “Create Call-To-Action” from the drop down menu.

In this recipe, you’ll see how to use Infusionsoft, GoToWebinar, PlusThis and ConvertFlow to set up a one-click registration system for your webinars. 

Creating a low-friction one-click registration system for your webinars is really important for increasing your visitor-to-registrant conversion rates, which means more people will attend your webinars and be given the opportunity to become your customers. 

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  1. Creating calls-to-action that proactively generate webinar registrations on your landing pages, content, and across your site using ConvertFlow 
  2. Instantly registering new leads captured for your webinar using PlusThis webinar triggers and Infusionsoft 
  3. Automating your webinar reminder sequence to boost your attendee rate 

Let’s dive in….

2. Instantly register new leads captured for your webinar using PlusThis webinar triggers and Infusionsoft

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Give your call-to-action a name, and choose a call-to-action type.

For our first call-to-action, we’re going to choose an embedded “big box” CTA that we can use in our webinar registration page.

Follow the walkthrough, which will show you how to create the call-to-action.

After we’ve added our form to our CTA, we’re going to apply the automations we want to run when a visitor submits our form. 

As you can see below, we’re applying an automation that applies a “registered” tag on contacts in Infusionsoft when visitors submit the form.

Next, we’re going to select the “landing page” area to get the embed code for our landing page. 

“Areas" are code snippets that allow you to target a section of your webpage or website, so you can inject embedded CTAs in these areas on your site right within ConvertFlow. 

If you don’t already have an area for your landing pages created in ConvertFlow, you can create it by clicking on “New area”.

This will give us our embed code to add to our landing page.

Now, we’ll launch this CTA on our website by toggling it on to activate it. 

Finally, just drop the area embed code in your landing page to have your webinar registration form injected into the page.

In Infusionsoft, you’re first going to create a campaign that starts when a visitor is tagged with our “registered” tag after completing our webinar registration form.

Next up, you’ll see how to automatically register new webinar registrants for your webinar.

Then, we’re going to create a sequence for all new webinar registrants. 

Next, we’re going to add a “Send HTTP Post” action to our sequence, so Infusionsoft can notify PlusThis when to register new contacts to a webinar. 

Now, within PlusThis, we’re going to create a GoToWebinar or Zoom connect, depending on what you’re webinar solution is.

You’ll connect your webinar platform to PlusThis, and select the webinar you want to register new contacts to.

You can store the webinar broadcast link in a Infusionsoft custom field for your contact, which will allow you to personalize their reminder emails with the right webinar link.

You can also track who attended and who didn’t attend by choosing tags you want applied to contacts who attended, and tags you want applied to those who didn’t. 

This allows you to segment your webinar campaign automatically, so you can create more relevant follow-up campaigns for each lead. 

And by clicking the “additional options” tab in the “Send Webinar Reminders in Infusionsoft” section, you can store the webinar date and time in a custom field on a contact’s record. 

This is perfect for being able to include the right starting date & time in your reminder emails.

After your click “save”, PlusThis will then give you a special URL to add to your “Sent to HTTP Post” action in your Infusionsoft campaign.

Go ahead and add it to your “Send to HTTP post” action in Infusionsoft.

Both GoToWebinar and Zoom have default email reminders they send out before your webinar. 

However to maintain consistent branding and to increase engagement, we’ll create our own reminder sequence in Infusionsoft.

3. Automating your webinar reminder sequence to boost your attendee rate

Once you save this, people that register for your webinar through your ConvertFlow form will automatically get registered for your webinar in GoToWebinar or Zoom. 

Now to make sure your webinar registrants actually attend your webinar, let’s set up a few email reminders.

Using the field timer in Infusionsoft, we can trigger emails to be sent based on a date/time stored in a contact’s record using a custom field.

This allows us to send out reminder emails a certain number of days and hours before the webinar your lead registered for starts.

Continue to use field timers to trigger reminder emails leading up to your webinar. 

Once you’re finished, you’ll have set up a one-click registration experience and automated your webinar reminder sequence for all new webinar registrants!